About Me

Hi! Meet Adam Sterling, founder of The Sterling Traveler, miles & points expert, photographer, and aviation geek. Adam likes to help people travel using miles and points so they don’t have to travel in economy!

With over 12 years of travel hacking experience, I have seen how travel has changed and how to navigate it with ease. The people I have helped have traveled to places they only dreamed of going to. I hope I can do that for you too.

I launched this site, in 2015, to teach others how to travel inexpensively without going cheap. That is the Sterling Standard I strive for, not just personally but for you as well.

Shortly after I started to learn about miles & points, I quickly realized that I would be able to travel a lot more without spending too much of my hard-earned money. Since then, I’ve stayed at more 5- star hotels than I have 1 or 2-star hotels!

Passion for Travel

I have loved travel ever since I was a little kid. I was always looking up at the sky to look at a passing airplane. As I have gotten older, I have been able to cross off places on my “To See” list – albeit sometimes slower than I would like. I am constantly looking at ticket fares for the other places on my list… even to the extent that I’ll almost plan the whole trip and then realize that I wouldn’t be able to go!

Points & Miles – How did I start?

I always like getting a good deal. I came across several other blogs that are primarily about points and miles. That led me to get my first credit card that gave significant travel rewards and accruing points.

Through my passion for travel, and my value of constantly learning, I have learned more about the travel industry – mostly about frequent flyer programs, credit card rewards, and hotels. My family has already come to me to get the latest information so I thought I would start a blog.

Journey with me as I share with you tips and tricks to get you places without donating a kidney; I’ll even share some of my past travel experiences (and misadventures)!

My Commitment to You

I promise that I will give you honest and unbiased information and opinions about every topic I cover. There may be affiliate links in some of my posts and I hope that you will use them as it helps support this website. If there’s a better deal than what I can get you, I’ll tell you. I won’t be swayed by pushing products on you that I don’t believe in.

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