Earn Double Delta Miles from SEA Through Oct 2014

Delta Air Lines announced today a new promotion to earn double miles on flights between Seattle and San Fransisco/Los Angeles/Las Vegas.  The bonus miles earned are redeemable miles only, so you won’t be earning double elite qualifying miles.  Even though Delta is running this promotion for over a year, I’m hesitant to say that this is a very good deal as there is one fairly major catch… flights have to be booked by Dec 31, 2013 and travel has to be completed by Octover 31, 2014. Also, your fare must be a full mileage earning fare.  All but R, O and N fares earn 100% miles so that is more something to watch for. Delta requires registration for this promotion which you can do here.

The Short Version

The Significance, The Partnership, and Seattle

As I mentioned above, this promotion isn’t huge.  However, this is another blow to the partnership between the two airlines.  Alaska Airlines and Delta have been partners for a number of years, which includes codeshare of many flights, earning elite qualifying miles, and even shared lounge access.  In the recent weeks/months, the two airlines have made several announcements that are signs that the relationship is more tenuous than ever.  In previous years, the partnership has been, at least in my mind, one of the strongest airline partnerships.  The two airlines have historically gotten along fairly symbiotically up until mid-late last year or so. Delta has increased the number of flights and destinations to Asia from Seattle.  Delta has largely relied on Alaska Airlines to feed these flights from the Southwest. Alaska Airlines has relied on Delta to provide ground services at more than a dozen airports in the Midwest and East Coast which they are no longer continuing.  That was after Delta announced that they are going to increase their capacity on the routes named in this promotion.  In past years, there have been rumors of a merger between the two airlines.  The rumor now is that this is the beginning of the end of the partnership between Delta and Alaska.

Statistics by Number of Passengers

The Seattle-Los Angeles and Seattle-Las Vegas routes are hugely popular – some might argue that these are the bread and butter of Alaska Airlines.

  • Seattle-Los Angeles  is SeaTac’s 3rd busiest route
  • Los Angeles – Seattle is LAX’s 10th busiest route
  • San Fransisco – Seattle is SFO’s 6th busiest route

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