Transitioning from 2018 to 2019

As I look back on 2018, I wonder where the year went! 2018 passed quicker than 2017. This year was definitely an off-year for me and the blog and I certainly didn’t get as much done as I wanted to get done. Life threw me several curveballs which I’ll touch on later in this post. That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to next year and where life is going to take me.

A Retrospective of 2018

As I mentioned, 2018 was an off-year for me and I didn’t travel quite as much as I would have liked to. That being said, I absolutely loved the places I traveled to. I set a goal that I would see 3 new states, but I fell short by one. The new states I did get to were Louisiana and Utah.

New Orleans

My first visit to the Big Easy was amazing! I almost immediately fell in love with the city. The food is delicious and the people are super nice. New Orleans is one of the few cities that I already wanted to return to as I was leaving.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans
Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – one of the longest running bars in America

Read more about what to do in New Orleans here, or where to eat here.

Park City

My trip to Park City, Utah, was by far the most exciting and adventurous! It was also where I got one of my best room upgrades. I stayed at the Hyatt Centric and got the best suite upgrade! It had a full kitchen, living room, dining room and a washer-dryer! Wow!!

Large suite at Hyatt Centric Park City with full kitchen, living room, dining room and washer/dryer
One Bedroom Bi-Level Residence at Hyatt Centric Park City

Park City was the most adventurous place I visited. Not only is there a ton of outdoor activities, but it is one of the few places in the world where the general public can go bobsledding – which is exactly what I did! Read more about what to do in Park City here. There’s a link to view the video of my bobsled run in that post.

Bobsled track in Park City during the summer.
Bobsledding in Park City in the summer

With Regards to Blogging

2018 was one of my most busy years in the last several years. I didn’t blog nearly as much as I was hoping to; I just put energy into some other things in life.  Looking at my goals that I made for myself last year, I didn’t quite achieve any of my blog-related goals. One of them was to have 500 Facebook likes on my page. While I didn’t make it, I more than doubled the number of fans. Here’s the time for me to plug my Facebook page… go like it, please!

On the other hand, I did make some fantastic connections at the conferences and events that I went to. I’m looking forward to working with the people who I met.

Looking Forward to 2019

As the saying goes, “with a new year comes new beginnings”. I’m not certain that what this blog needs is a completely new beginning, but I am certainly going to work at it with renewed energy and commitment. This includes posting more often, strategizing social media posts, and some surprises I’m working on.

Miles & Points E-Course

One of the things that took up a lot of my time in the second half of 2018 was the creation of an e-course. It’s not particularly a secret, but this took me a lot more time than I anticipated. The e-course steps you through getting started with miles & points. Go check it out at! You can also get 10% off by opting in with your name and e-mail address! If you’re wanting to start earning miles & points and/or find them confusing, this e-course will help you tremendously.

Closing Thoughts

As much as I can say that I had some good “wins” in 2018, I am happy to put it behind me. I am going into 2019 with a better outlook and energy. It is my hope that this year brings everyone happiness, prosperity and good health!

Happy New Year!

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