Scratch Off Travel Tracker Map Review + Giveaway

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves travel? Look no further! I have found the perfect gift! Scratch off travel maps are the perfect gift. They come in a variety of styles to match anyone’s taste.

The map is made by Landmass Goods & comes rolled up in a tube which is packaged in a triangular tube. That makes the map super easy to wrap. Even the box it comes in is travel themed with country flags on one side of it. The map holds it’s (rolled up) shape pretty well but there are instructions with a good time for flattening it.

Scratch off Map Box with Country Flags
Scratch off Map Box with Country Flags

I had a lot of fun scratching off my travels. It was very easy to do using a metal credit card, such as my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Using that, I was able to be very precise and reveal almost the exact shape of California.

Map with California Scratched Off
Map with California Scratched Off

After about 1 hour of scratching off individual states and Canadian provinces, my arm got tired. As a result, some of the areas I scratched off weren’t as exact as I wanted to keep it. On the other hand, the borders on the scratch off material aren’t exactly the same as the printed borders on the map.

Landmass Goods offers several different styles of the scratch off map with different background and/or scratch off material. Each one is 17” x 24” and are available starting at $29.99. Don’t hesitate to buy your special someone one of these maps… you’ll want to get it before the holidays!

Entire Scratch Off Travel Tracker Map
Entire Scratch Off Travel Tracker Map

In case you’re not convinced that this is the most awesome gift you could give, Landmass Goods will donate 10% of their profits to global charities! So not only are you getting something awesome, you’re helping do good in the world too.

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The map was given to me by Landmass Goods in exchange for this post; however, All opinions stated are my own. They are also awesome enough to allow me to give a map away!
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