How I Saved Over 30% on Airport Parking

Airport parking is never cheap. In fact, at some major airports it can be one of your major expenses. Los Angeles, for example, charges more than $40 a day to park at the airport. Off-airport parking is almost always an option, but often times they’re not much less money. Time is money and it can take a long time to get to the parking lot if they don’t have a lot of shuttles. Of course, that’s if you pay the posted rates.

Nearly every time I have parked at an off-airport parking lot, I have paid what the posted rate was for that parking lot. Unfortunately, the area around LAX is one of the most expensive areas for airport parking! I’m looking at you Parking Spot and WallyPark, where rooftop/uncovered parking is still $17, plus tax, per day. Of course, there are other places to park that are slightly cheaper, but I have found the Parking Spot and WallyPark shuttles to be more frequent than the cheaper lots. I hate standing around waiting for a shuttle after I’ve gotten off a long flight. So I’d rather pay a bit more to be able to go home quickly.

Never Pay Full Price for Parking Again!

I have discovered an amazing site that makes a reservation for the same parking lots for pennies (okay, maybe quarters) on the dollar! Looking4Parking should be THE ONLY way you pay for airport parking. 

How Does it Work?

Looking4Parking is super easy to use. All you do is tell it what airport you’re flying from and the times you’ll be getting to and leaving the parking lot. I have found that there is some leniency as to the times you can actually arrive and leave the lots, but you should still use your best estimates.

Looking4Parking Search with location, arrival and departure times
Looking4Parking Search Box

You’ll quickly see a table of parking lots, daily rates, and if the rate is for self-parking or valet. Looking4Parking also lists the different conveniences and security the parking lots have. For my sample search for 2 days at Los Angeles, it returned WallyPark, Joes Parking, Park N Fly and several others. For price comparison, Looking4Parking has WallyPark for a total of about $30 – booking directly with WallyPark would be close to $40! That’s over a 30% savings!

Price at WallyPark for 2 days of parking
Sample Price at WallyPark LAX for 2 days

Once you book and pay for your reservation (with your favorite miles & points earning credit card, of course), you’ll get an email to print and bring with you. That’s all. Super easy, right?!

My Thoughts on Looking4Parking

Obviously, I like Looking4Parking a lot. It has saved me a lot of money on several of my trips – including my 3 days in New Orleans (read more about that here). The only drawback I have found is that not all of the airport parking lots are on Looking4Parking. Best of all, it works at many airports across the United States. I will never again pay in full for airport parking, neither should you!

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  1. What a great resource! I will remember this as it may save me lots of money in taxis to the airport and have me parking my car instead. Thanks for coming out on Fly Away Friday! Hope to see you this week!

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