Newport Beach Restaurant Week 2020

Newport Beach Restaurant Week is back and it’s better than ever. This yearly event runs for 14 days, from January 13 through January 26, 2020. It’s an excellent time to try a new restaurant.

What is Newport Beach Restaurant Week?

It’s a yearly event where participating restaurants have prix fixe menus for lunch and/or dinner. The menus range from $10 to $25 for lunch and $20 to $50 for dinner. New this year are $15 or $20 weekend brunches at some of the restaurants. I love brunch so this is a very welcome improvement to restaurant week. The prix fixe meals usually consist of a starter, main entree, and dessert.

Newport Beach has more than 350,000 total seats at participating restaurants, but I still recommend making reservations. Restaurants tend to get very busy during restaurant week. Last year, more than 60% of people who went out for restaurant week tried a new restaurant!

My Recommendations for Restaurant Week

Newport Beach Restaurant Association and Dine Newport Beach recently held an event that I was lucky to attend. I got to sample some of the decadent foods that several restaurants are serving for restaurant week.

Fried Chicken and Waffles at Tavern House

Their fried chicken is amazing. They weren’t serving it with waffles at the event, but the chicken will be served with waffles for restaurant week.

Fried chicken served with mashed potatoes from Tavern House

Veal Breast Ravioli at CDM Restaurant

The veal breast ravioli is served with a sunchoke puree and it was some of the best veal I have ever had.

Veal Ravioli wtih sunchoke puree

Duck Pate at Olea

While they weren’t at the event this year, they were at the event last year. Olea is featuring a delicious duck liver pate. I seem to remember standing at the table and having sample after sample of it – much better than samples at Costco!

Duck Pate from Olea

My Thoughts on Newport Beach Restaurant Week

Eating out for restaurant week is an excellent excuse for date night or find a new restaurant. Some restaurants make dishes exclusive for restaurant week. Compare the prix fixe menu with their regular menu to see how good of a deal the restaurant week choices are. Honestly, it may only save $5-10 but that’s better than not saving anything Make sure you use a credit card that gives you bonus points for dining to maximize the savings you’ll get!

Check out the list of participating restaurants here!

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  1. fraidycatfinance

    Our local metro area has a bunch of restaurant weeks, including a general one and a special burger week and pizza week – so fun to get out and sample! Thanks for sharing.

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