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Recently the Frequent Flier community forum, MilePoint, had a premium membership that included Hyatt Platinum status through March 2014, among other various perks.  While the Chase Hyatt-branded Visa card is a valuable credit card to have, applying for it while you have Platinum or Diamond status makes it even more valuable.  As you may have guessed, I paid for the premium membership at MilePoint and shortly after my account reflected platinum status, I applied for the credit card.

I wasn’t all that surprised when I got an “approval pending” message from Chase, and I prepared to be denied and would subsequently have to call their reconsideration line.  Over the next couple of days I checked my mail for the letter of denial.  Instead, I got an email from UPS saying that a package is going to be delivered to me.  I was puzzled but figured out that this is a package (not a letter) coming from Chase.  This only meant one thing… instead of being denied for the credit card, I was approved and they shipped the card the day after I applied for it!

When I received it, I was pleasantly very surprised at the packaging.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so uniquely presented. It was then that I decided to share it with you.

The silver platinum colored folio came in an exact size box (not pictured) of roughly the same color.

Member Benefit and Cardholder Agreement booklets

Open it up and you’ll find a welcome letter from Jeff Zidell (Hyatt VP) and Robin Schettini (GM Chase Card Services) and a cutout where your card is.  I only requested one card so I simply popped it out of the holder, but if you get more than one then you’ll have to pull out the insert.
Opening it up again and you’ll find a benefits pamplet and the usual credit card information (Privacy Policy, Cardmember Agreement, etc.)

If you are not familiar with the Chase Hyatt-branded credit card, I suggest you consider it. First of all, the card does have a $75 annual fee. However, the first year you get 2 free nights at a Category 1-4 hotel and each subsequent year you get 1 free night. So it already pays for itself.

The card also gives you Platinum status.  If you have status when you apply, you also get 2 free suite upgrades (unfortunately, you can’t use them with the two free nights aforementioned) which more than pay for the cost of the MilePoint premium membership that I got.

You used to get 3 points per dollar at Hyatt properties and 1 point on everything else.  This was recently changed to include 2 points per dollar on restaurants, airline tickets and car rentals. Among the other changes are $100 statement credit with $1000 spend.  That used to be $75 after first purchase; which I personally prefer and am happy I was able to apply when I did.

If you’d like to apply for this credit card, feel free use my referral link by clicking here.

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