Fly Private for Economy Prices!

Do you loathe dealing with crowds and long security lines every time you fly? I can’t stand waiting in a line! If you’re traveling within Southern California, you should check out JetSuiteX. It’s an airline that is similar to a charter experience. That basically means that you can the entire experience of the typical airport terminal. While that sounds amazing as it is, there is much more than than that which makes flying JetSuiteX enjoyable.

What is JetSuiteX?

In recent years, the price of short domestic flights has gotten more expensive. JetSuiteX is a semi-private public charter airline which means that they can sell single seat tickets on scheduled flights between city pairs. Their goal is to keep the cost of short-haul flights down. They started flying three years ago and have six destinations they serve every day – the newest is Orange County/John Wayne Airport.

JetSuiteX route map – Red lines are daily routes, and blue lines are seasonal routes.
Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Starting July 1, they will start flying between Oakland & Seattle (Boeing Field)!

Airport eXperience

Checking in for your JetSuiteX flight is super easy and quick. The requirement to get to the airport 60 minutes, or more, before your flight is non-existent. It is recommended that you get there 30 minutes before your flight. After a quick swab of your bags for security purposes, the employee will check your bags – anything that can’t fit under the seat in front of you will be checked. Online check in isn’t available; however, you do get a paper ticket that is printed on card stock – which is also becoming less common lately.

Boarding pass for JetSuiteX flight on card stock
Boarding pass for my JetSuiteX flight

All of the JetSuiteX flights operate out of an airport’s Fixed Base Operator (FBO), not the main terminal for commercial airlines. What this means for you is that it has several perks. The facilities are nicer than the regular terminal, as they have more than enough seating. There are free drinks and snacks, however the drinks were all non-alcoholic. The best advantage, of an FBO, is that you don’t have to deal with TSA! That’s right, no security lines or going through embarrassing pat downs.

JetSuiteX Boarding Process

The boarding process is probably the easiest in the industry. There are no boarding groups, no boarding positions, not even a gate the jet leaves from.

When it is time to board, a JetSuiteX employee makes an announcement and everyone on the flight lines up. Ticket stubs are taken and you walk out on to the ramp to the jet.

Small Jet with two engine, and a red stripe all the day down the middle
Boarding the JetSuiteX E-135 Jet at Oakland Airport

The ERJ-135 has several steps to go up and into the aircraft. An accessible ramp is available if you need it. Since there are only 10 rows, there’s no need for any kind of organization to the boarding process. I’m not saying that it wasn’t organized. There are only 30 passengers so there’s no need to complicate the process.

eXperience On Board

One of the first things I noticed when I boarded the plane was how spacious it was. There are no overhead bins which helps make the jet feel spacious. However, that means that if your bag doesn’t fit under the seat in front of you then you’ll have to check your bag.

Seats on the JetSuiteX E-135

The JetSuite ERJ-135 has 10 rows in a 1×2 configuration. This means that one side of the jet only has one seat. If you’re traveling solo, why choose between an aisle or window seat, when you can have both!

Picture of male crossing his legs in the exit row of a jet
Easily crossing my legs in the exit row!

The seats are very comfortable and leg room on board is very generous. I’m over 6 feet tall and I had no problem crossing my legs – even in a non-exit row! I am unable to do that on nearly any other domestic airline in any seat!

View of San Francisco from a plane leaving Oakland
Wonderful view of San Francisco on departure

Food & Beverage On JetSuiteX

The service on board was one of my favorite parts about flying JetSuiteX. There’s a full selection of soft drinks, water, beer, wine, and alcohol which are all complimentary.

Menu of soft drink and alcohol choices
On board drink menu

Additionally, they have a full snack basket. On my flights, they had banana chips, speculoos cookies in a mustache shape, mini blueberry muffins, and more. I love Biscoff so I had to get the speculoos cookies!

The Sterling Traveler with a cookie mustache

Get $20 Off Your First JetSuiteX Booking!

I honestly cannot recommend JetSuiteX enough. It’s a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Use my referral code, ZQAUFQ, to get yourself $20 off your first booking! To get your discount, go to, create an account with the referral code, then search for your flights.

Flights start at around $99, so your first flight would be about $79. The best part about signing up for an account (which is free) is that you’ll get emails for their sales. I was able to snag a flight for only $59!

Bottom line, I’ll definitely be considering JetSuiteX for more of my flights. Even if it’s slightly more than a regular airline, the experience is worth paying a little extra. You have to try it!

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